Cala Jewellery

I began designing and making contemporary fashion jewellery in 2006. After training in interior design and having watercolour painting and clothing design as leisure interests, I had my own successful business training others in colour analysis for 15 years, all of which experience I capture in the creative use of colour, texture and form in my extensive jewellery designs.

I design and handcraft each piece individually using a variety of materials sourced both locally and, whenever I can find the excuse, in Florence and Venice, all at irresistible prices. Only occasionally do I repeat designs, usually adding a quirk of difference to make each piece unique.

Currently exhibiting in several galleries and designing for clothing ranges, I take great pleasure in creating individual pieces to compliment a client’s outfit or colouring at no extra cost, particularly enjoying bespoke wedding commissions.

My work offers unique pieces and fashion jewellery designs at exceptional value, buying direct from me or at jewellery parties where I also offer free individual colour analysis advice to all guests.

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