Butter Wynd Pottery

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Butter Wynd Pottery is a wee family concern making pots from clay we dig locally and fire, on balance, using solar panels. Inspiration comes from country pottery traditions and ways of making: from the ideas of the Slow Movement; and from the Farmers Market movement which looks closely at provenance and sustainability.

Sean digs the clay (from a farm near St Andrews). He slakes it down using rain water and hand mixes it with a paddle. The creamy mixture is passed through a sieve and the water is gradually drained off over a period of weeks. As it becomes thick slurry, the clay is laid out on brick beds and then plaster bats until it can be wedged and bagged - all of this done by hand.

Throwing is done by Sean on Alsager electric wheel or on a Saviac kick wheel. Christine does most of the writing on the pots, while the potters daughter has become adept at making using moulds or hand building forms which she decorates with drawings and writings.

Sean also runs the ceramics facility at DJCAD. Christine teaches design at DJCAD. 

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